Thursday, April 9, 2009

Road Maps

I think of devotional books and novenas like road maps in relation to prayer of silence or prayer of the heart. When we are going on a trip, we use road maps, or mapquest pages to keep us focused on our destination and not to get off the path. But once we arrive at the destination, we no longer need the map.

It is the same when we are moving to the prayer of silence in the heart. We use our prayer books to keep us focused and directed. But once we sense an inner quiet and stillness, why keep reading the book? Put down the book. If you came to sit in front of the blessed sacrament and saw a book in front of the host you might think it strange. God does not need some devotional book to keep God focused upon being with and loving you. Your presence is enough for God.

Isn't God enough for you?

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