Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Say “yes”

I notice that when I run with my running club group, I am always last. There are two reasons for that which I cannot change.

1. Age. I am getting older

2. Talent. I have been given just so much and no more.

Acceptance is the response to these two things. But there are some things that can grow or be added that will not be affected by age and talent.

1. Patience. This virtue includes the faith that I will improve if I keep showing up each day to train.

2. Training. I have only been training since late summer. If I train regularly through the winter, the cumulative effect is that I will run faster in the spring when racing season comes around. Fortitude is required if I am going to train on a regular basis.

Patience and fortitude are virtues. Virtue is an act of the will. It is a decision, not a feeling. I might not want to train each day, or feel confident that I will get better. I try and ignore these feelings. The will might lean toward laziness especially on rainy days, but regular decisions of "Yes, I will," strengthen the will. Age and DNA do not weaken the will. A daily "Yes" to virtue is great spiritual training.

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