Friday, February 27, 2009

Lent is a Struggle

I went running this morning in very high winds. The wind was either blowing East or was coming right into my face and almost pushing me backwards while I was trying to run North/South. My mind just wanted to quit, but I had a planned distance to run on my North/South trail. I knew where I wanted to go. Whenever the wind tried to blow me sideways or backwards, I just kept trying to go forward. This reminds me of what Lent is all about. I know the direction in which I need to go, but forces seem to hold me up or push me in another direction. Those forces are called the human condition, bad habits, weakness of will, and sin. I am an imperfect human being who knows the right way, but struggles to get there. Lent focuses me on the right direction, but my faults or weaknesses kick in the impede my spiritual progress. Lent is a struggle to grow fit spiritually. But God is coaching me, and the Spirit is running with me.

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