Monday, February 2, 2009

Fr. Terry's Latest Schedule

Fr. Terry will soon be back to the Boulder/Denver area. Here is his latest schedule:

Thurs., Feb. 5 - SHJ (14th & Mapleton) - 12:10 pm

Fri., Feb. 6 - SHJ - 7:00 am

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 - Lyons (meets in the Methodist Church at 4th & Main) - 5:30 pm

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8 - Spirit of Christ (7400 W. 80th Ave. - just east of Wadsworth on 80th, Arvada) - 7:00 am AND 8:30 am

Mon., Feb. 9 - SHJ - 7:00 am

Tue., Feb. 10 - SHJ - 12:10 pm

Thurs., Feb. 12 - SHJ - 12:10 pm

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14 - Lyons - 5:30 pm

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15 - St. John the Baptist (3rd & Collyer, Longmont) - 7:00 am AND 8:30 am

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15 - SHJ - 6:30 pm

Mon., Feb. 16 - SHJ - 12:10 pm

Wed., Feb. 18 - SHJ - 12:10 pm

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21 - Lyons - 5:30 pm

Mon., Feb. 23 - SHJ - 7:00 am

Tue., Feb. 24 - SHJ - 12:10 pm

Wed., Feb. 25 - SHJ - 12:10 pm - ASH WEDNESDAY

Thur., Feb. 26 - SHJ - 12:10 pm

SATURDAY, APRIL 11 (Vigil of EASTER) - Lyons - 5:30 pm
SUNDAY, APRIL 12 (EASTER) - St. John the Baptist (Longmont) - 7:00 am AND 8:30 am (in the school gym)


Saturday, Feb. 7 - SHJ in the Jr. High Library (the building that runs parallel to 13th St. Enter through the south door & go up the stairs). Treats begin at 9am; talk is 9:30-noon. Subject: Strangers To The City based on a book by Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO. The workshop will look at wisdom learned in monastic settings that can benefit lay people in their everyday world. Examples: 1) There is less focus on self-realization and more on self-transcendence. 2) A discipline in a prayer life is to help us let go of an ego-centered self-will. 3) You become more fully who you are truly made to be, through relationships with others. 4) Retirement was not for the purpose of being less busy with work, but to simplify and de-clutter our lives. 5) We are intended for union with God. A donation of $10 is suggested.

Saturday, Feb. 14 - St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 7520 So. Boulder Rd. Subject: 11th Step Centering Prayer Workshop for WOMEN in 12-Step Programs. Treats begin at 9am; talk is 9:30-noon. This workshop will offer an opportunity to learn the method of Centering Prayer as an 11th-step meditative practice. Experience St. Therese of Lisieux, the great mystics, and the spirituality of the 11th step of a 12-step recovery program, which provides the framework for this discussion of the contemplative experience of resting in God within and beyond our limiting thoughts, images and feelings. This can transform your life so you can become freer of self-centered, fear-based motives and of desires for too much control, security and esteem. $10 suggested donation. For more information, or to reserve a seat, contact Joyce Chen at 303-859-1961, Pam Chandler at 720-234-6979 or email Joanne at R.S.V.P. REQUIRED.

Saturday, March 14 - St. Francis of Assisi, 2410 Trade Centre Ave., Longmont. Lenten Day of Reflection - Subject: "Spiritual Stumblings & Surprising Grace" - Treats at 9:00; talk 9:30-noon.

Saturday, March 28 - St. Thomas Aquinas, 14th & Aurora, Boulder. Treats at 9:00; talk 9:30-noon.
Abhishiktananda, part II (part I is NOT a pre-requisite). The Indian name, Abhishiktananda, means "Bliss of the Anointed One" and is the name taken by the extraordinary French Benedictine priest, Henri Le Saux) who lived as a holy man in India and gave a vision of our Christian spiritual path through his experience in the spiritual culture of India.
His book, Prayer, distills his vision of the path to union with God. The morning will include Centering Prayer. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome. Suggested donation $10.

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