Friday, July 10, 2009

God’s Presence

To me, God is just as present in each Christian person as God is present in the Eucharist.  But why is this so hard to comprehend, and why do many Catholics not believe it?  We will go to the church and sit in front of the tabernacle with great reverence and awe.  We hold the Eucharist in great respect and this is all as it should be.  Why do we ignore or act badly toward another person?

God is very wise, or as some would say, All Wise.  In the sacred host in the tabernacle or on the altar, God does not interfere with my will, or my plans, or even say anything about how I think life ought to be.  I chose to come to the church.  God did not force me.  God is here.  God waits.  God feeds us. 

On the other hand, people interfere with my will and my plans.  They disagree with how I think things ought to be.  So I find it hard to see God as present in them in any significant way.  What is my problem?  "Die to self," is a suggestion.  It is the Gospel, not my opinion. 

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