Monday, July 20, 2009

Mark 6: 30-34

JULY 19, 2009


    "My" dog, Jabba, is a pest. At times, when I come into the house from work, I want to go to my room, be in solitude and silence to rest with God in prayer, or read a book. Jabba will begin to follow me upstairs to my room, and then she will go ahead of me. By the time I get to my room, she has made herself comfortable on the bed.


    She watches me. She waits. Waits for what? Jabba wants either food or a walk. She has been alone in the house for a while and wants some attention. Usually, she wants to go outside for a walk. I look at her. She cannot open the door for herself to go outside. She does not know how to walk about unleashed without bothering either other dogs, or passing cars. She can be a pest when she is taken for a walk, WITH A LEASH!


    I could ignore her and just pray or read, or rest. But Jabba is like a sheep without a shepherd. Without me she won't get a walk or be fed. No one else is home. I feel sorry for her. Sometimes I think that I am a fool to pay her so much attention. Other times, I have this gospel to make me feel better about attending to Jabba. Jesus was tired, as were his disciples. They had plans to rest up in a quiet place. Other people got there ahead of them. The place was no longer quiet or peaceful.


    Jesus could have ignored the people or told them to go away. "Make an appointment," is what I might say, which is the alternative to, "Go away for now." Jesus had compassion on these people who came unexpectedly into his life. He put aside his agenda and attended to their agenda. So maybe when I put aside my agenda and attend to Jabba's agenda, I am following Christ. Jabba just might be teaching me how to grow in holiness.

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