Friday, August 21, 2009


John 20: 1-16

The guys who worked longer thought that they should get more than someone who worked less. Seems logical to you? Well, do you ever say, "I will pray harder" with the expectation that if you do more then you should get more, say from God? Do you then feel that you are better than someone who prays less than you? I call it "the prayer of capitalism." More is better. I don't think Jesus was too much for this way of praying. If you somehow think that you are first (as in better than, or owed something from God) think again. The first will be last.

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  1. Terry, I finally check in on your blog. I'm turning 60 next year, and decided that I'm going to find God through cooking. Even Jesus had to eat. Being of service to others can still mean doing something that you love, and others enjoy too. Check out Julie & Julia--its inspiring me!