Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you presume to know God?

Luke 5: 1-11
I sense some whining! Peter is frustrated and tired from working all night with zero catch of fish. No income today for the fishing partners. Jesus is wise and interesting, but he is a bit of a nuisance. Peter has to wait in the boat, a little out from shore while Jesus teaches. Is it a bit like being in church "in a mood" i.e. tired and cranky?

If it were not for his boat, Peter does not seem to have much to offer to Jesus. It is then that Jesus asks for even more! What bad timing this is for Peter. He whines about being at work all night, but then reluctantly, pulls into the deep. Peter is now the least open to anything deep within himself or in the water. The miracle happens. Peter's attitude and demeanor has nothing to do with it. The abundant catch is all Grace.

God's action does not depend on our virtue, or good mood, or faith. We can't manipulate God, though we try at times. The abundant change of fortune for Peter brings him to realize what a cranky person he has been. "I am a sinner." He does not figure himself worthy to be in the company of Jesus. He is right. None of us are worthy in the sense that we earn God's love, or attention.

Peter and his partners realized that God's love did not depend on them. It was free and unconditional. For this they left all the fish on the shore for others to eat, free of charge. So, when you feel that God has abandoned you, or is ignoring your "needs" realize it is just your opinion. Do you presume to know God?

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