Friday, April 2, 2010

Practicing Kindness

I walk our dog, Jabba, even when I don't feel like doing it. She has the backyard, all fenced in, so walks are not a necessity. I do it as a kindness. I need to practice acts of kindness when I am immersed in my "important" agenda, or when I just don't feel like being nice. It gets me out of myself and changes me little by little. Jesus did kindnesses when he was on the cross in all that pain. "Father forgive them," he said. I doubt it changed anyone's behavior around him. A prayer for people who are being nasty to us is an act of kindness. It can get us away from revenge, anger and hate.
Jesus welcomed into the kingdom the fellow hanging on a cross next to him. He could have ignored the guy, being himself in so much agony. Jesus was concerned about the community he was leaving behind. He said to his mother, "Behold your son," and to the apostle, "Behold your mother." Jesus wanted to make sure people took care of one another.
Maybe my cross is to be kind when I don't feel like it, when life is agonizing, or I am just in a temper. Thank you Jabba, for giving me a chance each day to practice kindness.

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