Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming Schedule


Monday, April 19 - 12:10 pm - Sacred Heart of Jesus

SATURDAY, May 1 - 5:30 pm - Lyons (Meets in Methodist Church @ 4th & Main)

SUNDAY, May 2 - 7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:30 am Spirit of Christ, 7400 W. 80th Ave., Arvada

SATURDAY, May 8 - 5:30 pm - Lyons

SATURDAY, May 15 - 5:30 pm - Lyons

SATURDAY, May 22 - 5:30 pm - Lyons

SATURDAY, May 29 - 5:30 pm - Lyons


Thursday, May 13 - 7-9 pm - St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 14th & Aurora St.

Until the beginning of the 13th Century there was little written by or about women on the subject of spirituality. With various changes in European society, women were better able to come to public notice with experiences of their prayer life. Some of these women were referred to as Beguines. They wrote in the vernacular for the laity, rather than in Latin for monks. They believed that all people could experience a deep presence of God without having to enter a monastery or a cloister. God could be found anywhere.

In this workshop, he will concentrate on one of these Beguines, Mechthild of Magdeburg. She wrote in a style with God as the author who is revealing the Gospel to women. Like Julian of Norwich, she had numerous visions or showings. Though a poet, she felt that all speech about God must end in silence. For her, the true desert is the everyday life. She had both consolation and darkness in her prayer life.

Refreshments will be provided along with opportunity for silent Centering Prayer. Suggested donation: $10. For more information, call Barbara Hayden at 303-494-2845.

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