Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Galatians 1: 15-16, Paul says that God had a plan for him from the time Paul was in the womb. If so, then this would be a pretty good reason to allow a fetus to be born. It brings up a second question for me. I, who was birthed, lived, and grew up, does God have a plan for me from the time I was in the womb? If so, have I discovered this plan? And if I have discovered it, am I living it out?
God's plan may unfold, and shift over a lifetime. Many a person I read about in history, had very active lives in the world, but then found a call to deeper solitude and gave up their productive work to join a monastery or become a solitary. As improved medicine and health allows us to live longer, we may need to keep assessing the path we are on at any one time.

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  1. So true! The days of working for one company for 30 years, retiring, and receiving the gold watch are definitely gone......