Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why do many people like to read about movie or music stars, or sports heroes, but don't care much to read the bible? The key is experience that touches us deeply enough to want us to read more or know more. A person goes to a movie or rock concert and has a very moving experience of the central person in the event, the movie star or singer(s). In a superficial way, they fall in love with this make believe event. They want to soak up all they can from the media about their favorite stars.
The Gospels are about Jesus. If you don't have a deep experience of Jesus in your life, a personal, moving experience, than Jesus becomes a person some talks about, but not in any way that you can relate. A lot of people know about Jesus. But they have never experienced his unconditional love and acceptance of them in their messy lives. Telling someone that if they don't believe in Jesus than they will burn, certainly won't make anyone want to rush to the bible to embrace the story of this very real person. A movie is only a fantasy, but if our hearts are aching to be loved, and can find it nowhere else, the fantasy is what we will embrace.

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