Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Business

A big time  college football coach is not returning after the end of this season because his team lost too many games.  He said he understands it is time for him to go because "this is a business."  Oh!  And here I though it was a sport.  The players are student-athletes.  I think the coach spoke the truth.  Revenue producing sports in college are a business.  Players are employees who get some perks, such as free food/room/classes.  The priority is working for the school so the school can make money.  As a business, I suspect the school will say one thing but maybe do another.  Its number one priority is to make money.  This is why I prefer to focus my life on the spiritual.  There is no money in it.  If you get rich as a guru, I suspect it will corrupt you.  Well, say it would corrupt me.  Everyday I have to examine my conscience to ask if I am doing what I am saying.  Do I pray in silence and stillness on a daily basis?  To teach what I don't do, would make the world of soul a business.  For this I should be fired.

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  1. I think your definition is a good one Father Terry and I know many a priest who should be fired using your definition, but you're not one of them.