Saturday, November 8, 2014

Big Church

Pat, who I blogged about yesterday, reminds me of something quite wonderful about our church.  She and I differed on our opinions, prayer style, and pieties.  But we could love one another.  Our church can have all types but we can accept and pray for, believe in and hope for one another.  There was another priest on the staff who Pat thought far more perfect than I.  He walked on water.  But Pat had hopes for my redemption.  My church is full of hopeful people.  Pat prayed for me.  She had preferences about my conversion to the light, but they were only preferences.  She had no demands or condemnations.  Pat reminds me of what the best of community is all about.  I would not want a church with only people like me.  Would you?


  1. Father Bob was a rebel . He was so handsome, Ph.D in psychology and traveled with the CU Football team. I think he sort of disappeared ??? Maybe its better to be humble but, for all of us keep your sense of humor. It is what keeps us on our toes about God. that is your whip and kindness. We learn the church through your perspective.

  2. Pat Palaich loved all the priests. She thought some were brilliant and some were goofy but she was most comfortable in the sacristy preparing the altar before mass in anticipation of the sacred readings and the Eucharist. What a beautiful woman!

  3. I miss Pat very much. I wish I had her faith. The 12:10 mass will never be quite the same.