Saturday, November 1, 2014


I hear that Catholics in the English speaking countries would be terrified if the bishops had been more open to gay/lesbian people as well as divorced and remarried.  "What will I tell my child!" exclaimed parents.  Don't worry parents.  They aren't listening to you anyway.  I wonder if these so called 'terrified" Catholics want a church that has very clear rules, a comfortable likeness of persons.  I think the church is supposed to be the Gospel, the Good News to all.  I am a bit terrified that we have dropped the gospel of Jesus with his inclusive Kingdom of God and replaced it with something of a gated community.  Only the few get in and you have to have the code.


  1. yeah, ...gated community that is a good one. It is the one that I was raised with forever. I did not participate for a long time then I matured and knew that God will do something with me no matter what. Love the pope. You are pretty good too.

  2. I am personally terrified by my fellow Catholics who are terrified by this aperture to gay/lesbian couples, yet they are perfectly fine with capital punishment, killing the enemy at war, owning guns (only for self-defense of course), and similar "let's go kill the evil people" things. I know that turning the other cheek is hard, but we should at least try!

  3. Your blog today is so timely and here's why. My husband died Monday and today we had his celebration of life. A friend of our son's wrote this message in an email to him which I just read minutes ago.

    "One of the biggest struggles in my own life was coming to terms with my sexuality. I was of course afraid of rejection when I told you that I was gay. I don't remember your exact response, but it was immediately clear that it wouldn't be an issue in our relationship, and I would continue to be loved and accepted by you."