Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Noticed Beauty

I was taken by my friend Cyd to Mare Island in San Francisco Bay.  There is a little Redwood Interdenominational chapel, St. Peter's, that has the largest collection of Tiffany stained glass windows West of the Mississippi.  They are quite stunning, as is the chapel.  Here in this seemingly out of the way abandoned Naval Base, with lots of rundown buildings, is this beautiful chapel.  There were only a couple of people on the excellent tour.  In our culture so many things called "beautiful" are in the spotlight, advertised, attention called to them.  This chapel location makes me think of how beauty can be almost ignored, if not unnoticed.  Just because you are not in the spotlight, or think you are ignored, forgotten, does not make you any less beautiful.  The world's opinion is just an opinion.  You are beautifully made.  This is the second opinion, often forgotten.  It is one thing if others forget you.  No control there.  But it is another thing if you forget you.  Give yourself a compliment.  You are beautiful.


  1. I love this reminder. It's so easy to forget that we should be kind to ourselves. We should treat ourselves as we want others to treat us. - Thank you Fr. Terry.

  2. Please re-read this if you are ever feeling ignored, Fr. Terry. You are appreciated by lots and lots of people - even if we don't show it. But God's appreciation and love is the best.

  3. Wise words, arriving at a perfect moment.

    I showed this to someone who has been feeling a bit invisible lately. After intently studying your post, a huge smile spread across her face. She offered no comment - and I didn't press - though I noticed there was an extra spring in her step.

    You have a gift!