Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Voiceless

I was watching an ad about some voting proposition that seemed to have to do with "choice."  There was a medical person and a woman patient in the medical office.  The ad said that these two should decide about what to do, and not let some politician tell them.  I thought, "There is someone else in the room who does not seem to have a say."  The fetus is the voiceless one, so I will take the side of the voiceless one, the powerless one.  Now I think the fetus is human but you may not.  Well, your dog is not human either, but I bet you would not get kill your dog.  Why is some non-human life so precious and some not, assuming the fetus is not yet human.  The dog will never be human.  The fetus will, if it gets a chance.  If the best we can do is abortion will be "legal, safe and rare," then I take to working on the rare.  Seems people get all worked up about some elk getting killed who roams around their middle and upper class neighborhoods, but don't seem to mind abortions in the same neighborhoods.  The animal was innocent, you say?  The fetus is not?  Some will go to the issues of rape, drunk at frat parties, too young and go for abortion on demand.  These are not the overwhelming reasons that people get abortions, but for these cases, I still defend the fetus.  It caused none of the reasons it got conceived, no matter how horrible and unjust the event of the conception.  Finally, for now, what if the aborted fetus I am defending was the one who would grow to find the cure for the cancer that kills so many women?


  1. Yes, if folks would work on the "rare" aspect, wouldn't that be great?! That's why I don't understand the ban on birth control. Seems like a no-brainer to me.......

  2. All you says is right. So what do we do? We can join a pro-life organization and, let's see, go yell at the women choosing abortion or maybe even kill a doctor or two. Then, thanks to our wonderful wealthy donors, we will pass legislation to make abortion illegal, and all in life will be good. After all, we have legislation forbidding theft, rape, murder and those things don't happen, because they are illegal, right?
    Sorry for the sarcasm, but I am really terrified by these pro-life activists who want to protect the baby's life, yet they don't mind if a doctor is killed, they cherish capital punishment, they have a gun and won't hesitate to shoot a burglar and they pray for our troops abroad: may they kill and not be killed.
    Why can't one of these activists switch strategy and tactics. I'll be glad to join an organization which will do something like the following. Declare the issue lost, the pro-choice movement wins. Then use all the money, resources, manpower to make a charity helping women considering abortions. Love and help them, not hate and yell at them. Provide them free health care if they lack it (boy, if I had to pay out of my pocket for the health care and delivery of my babies I would have needed to sell my house, and maybe it wouldn't have been enough! Thanks health insurance) Provide free psychological support. Teach them things related to the pregnancy (including sex-after-delivery aspects, which are what some fears). Make it easy to give the baby up for adoption. Give financial incentive to abortionist clinics for them to suggest keeping the baby (e.g. pay them if they find a baby for a couple waiting for adoption).
    Will all abortions disappear? Of course not. But neither will they if we make abortion illegal.

    Why can't we do what Jesus taught us? Love the sinners and help them to not be sinner anymore (or not be sinner in the first place). With love, not by killing the sinners with stones.

  3. Help the decision maker to change from within. Safe, legal and rare might be a pluralistic compromise, so I focus on the rare part. Need more interior transformation for that.

  4. Stand on how wrong you are on all of the above. Just stand out in front of Hern's abortion clinic in Boulder.
    Adoption is a choice. Steve Jobs natural mother gave Steve Jobs up for adoption. God Bless his natural mother.

  5. Sorry I am not native speaker, so I am not sure I understand what you mean by "stand on how wrong you are". It's not even clear from the blog if you are replying to my comment.

    So, if you are replying to my comment and if you mean that I am wrong, well, I'm happy to be wrong the our "little heaven" of Boulder. Please point me to the resources which I can use to help pregnant women considering abortion and seeking help with health insurance, psychological help, or giving the baby for adoption.

    However, at a national level, the conversation is going more in the way I sarcastically described than not. And even in our little heaven, I've heard homilies ahead of election day "recommending" politicians who wanted to "fix the abortion problem" with a law, which I believe it's the wrong way to proceed.

    As far as Steve Jobs is concerned, I did not admire his tech accomplishments, I had serious concerns about the environment and labor practices of his company and I really hated is software-freedom-negating policies, see for example.