Sunday, March 22, 2020


Why is mediation so difficult for some?  It is not a time issue but rather a 'Diversion" issue.  Many people avoid boredom by the use of diversions.  They go to the past or the future with fantasy, resentment, regret and fear for instance.  It eliminates introspection which is a key part of meditation.  Meditation is introspection without diversion.  We don't need to let go all thoughts, but only those that are diverting us from the present moment of feeling, and just being present.  When you are new to meditation or have been away a while or feel a bit uneasy, don't try to let go of all thought, but just the ones that keep you from the present reality.  Fantasizing about the now is not reality.  It is the imagination trying to paint over your boredom.  Cell phones can do that too.

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