Wednesday, March 25, 2020

No Exchange

Yo might do something as an economic exchange. That is, you give someone money and they give you something you want for that money.  This is not love nor is is transformative, though some of us think that "getting" something, some stuff, will transform us.  Then there is the hoped for exchange.  That is, you do something or give something to someone in hope that they will change, conforming to what you want them to be.  It is a hoped for, and sometimes, an expected return.  The exchange is not guaranteed, but hoped for.  It can be a bit manipulative and generally is not transformative.  Then there is the exchange that truly changes us.  You give with no expectation of return.  It looks for no reciprocity.  So what do you get who gives?  You get transformed.  You don't do it to be transformed. You do it for love.  It is the love, selfless, that transforms us.

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