Wednesday, March 25, 2015


My task here in our Paulist Vero Beach home is to sort out all the "stuff" of dead and transferred Paulists.  These guys saved unopened third class mail!  What a mess.  Lots of stuff went to charity or other "used stuff" locations to be resold.  I think these priests threw out next to nothing.  So why do we keep our memorabilia?  What good is it to you?  If you don't give stuff away it will just get thrown out or given to someone who never knew you.  Let grandkids or other relative have it.  If they don't care, let them throw it out.  It won't hurt your feelings since they won't tell you they dumped your memorabilia.  One Paulist got transferred and left his boyhood pictures.  I am not sending them to him, but to his relatives who might be somewhat more sentimental and interested.  Or not!  Anyway, our garage is looking good now and we soon can put a car in it instead of "stuff."  If you want someone with tough love to toss out your stuff, I am your man.  Rates vary.


  1. Isn't cleanliness next to Godliness? Sounds like a mission.

  2. Are you ready for a lucrative career change? My Mom could keep you in work for the rest of your life.