Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tattoo On The Heart

People get tattoos on their skin and wear clothes with signage that express something of who they want to say they are.  These are outside expressions but they may have little or nothing to do with our identity.  They are simply costumes.  Who we really are is imaged on our hearts.  So what image is impressed upon your heart?  You will know by the way you speak and act in the world around you.  A person may have a tattoo of an angry animal on their skin, but in fact this same person is kind and loving, compassionate and forgiving.  The tattoo was done at a different time in their life.  The true tattoo of the heart comes out in our daily manner.  We can never hide the heart's tattoo.  We express it daily in how we live our lives.  I wonder what the tattoo is for impatience and whining?

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