Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Usefully Whole

Do you want to be usefully whole?  You do not have to believe in God for this to happen.  I know atheists who found peace through daily service.  What they found was not so much a faith in a Deity, as they found that they were not so angry anymore.  The question to ask yourself each day, is not so much "Do I believe in God? or "Where is God in my life? but rather ask yourself, "How can I be useful today?"  I know  people who are God-Believers, but they are mean and nasty people, selfish and dysfunctional in any group.  They are angry people, shallow in happiness, deep into misery.  But they believe in God.  So don't wait around until you believe in God before you try to be useful to others.  Be useful without resentment or judgment.  Whining not optional.  Who knows?  Grinches might give thought to why you are happy and they are not.

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