Thursday, September 26, 2013


Around this time each year I remember my Dad's birthday and then my Mom's death the day after his birthday.  I was with them.  Mom asked me to go out and buy Dad something for his birthday.  I found a pillow with a lovely saying on the pillow case.  Dad cherished it.  He would not let it go from his side for the months that he lived after Mom died.  Things that we can touch and feel are powerful ways to hold onto the memories, and presence of some one who has died.  Catholics are good at that.  They have the Eucharist.  For many Catholics this is no big deal.  They can do with an Easter and Christmas remembering.  I am more like my Dad.  Jesus is to me what Mom was to Dad.  Actually, I don't yet love Jesus as Dad loved Mom.  I am working on it though.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful and deeply felt message. A tribute to a great love that was passed along to their children.

  2. Ditto! What beautiful memories and deeply spoken from your heart. Today was my Mom's birthday too!