Thursday, September 25, 2014

All The Same

A good coach, bishop, CEO, leader does not try to make all the people in their charge to be the same.  A healthy company, team, church is like a body.  It has different parts.  They are meant to be different but work in some fashion for a common goal.  In the church I belong to it is "The Kingdom of God."  Without the women religious doing all their various outreach ministries, we are not the body we need to be to manifest the Kingdom.  We need our nuns to do things that the rest of us cannot or won't do.  Go Sisters!


  1. Great article in today's Washington Post opinion section:
    Blasé cupich is Pope Francis's Anerican Messenger
    Opinion writer for WP.
    Says a lot about the direction the Pope wants to take here in the US

  2. Why can't women be deacons? Why can't nuns perform Sacraments? Go Sisters Yeah!

  3. "The Kingdom of God is within you" Luke

  4. Is it fair for our Archbishop to come out to our little parish and preach to us how we are supposed to vote in an election? What are your thoughts on the church leaders getting involved in politics?