Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Being ignored should not destroy your self-esteem.   Recently, I returned to Boulder and the pastor was away.  He usually puts a very good article in each of the weekly bulletins.  It was decided to put in something I had written.  I thought it was a great, insightful, and helpful piece.  Some depth even.  I waited for a response on the weekend of that bulletin.  I said nothing to call attention to the article.  I was practicing being a humble monk, of course.  No one has yet said anything.  My ego is not crushed however.  The monastery takes care of that.  I simply tell myself, that what I do is done for the glory of God.  This is very Jesuit.  God is pleased with my effort.  The results or reviews are not up to me.  This very blog could be pious drivel to you, but I am doing it for God's glory.  It is the best I can do at the moment.  You parents, grandparents, students, children (do children read this stuff?), workers, exercisers, God is pleased with the effort and the love you put into something.  If love had to wait for a "thank you'" there would be a lot less love in the world.


  1. We read, we comprehend, we reflect, but we do not always show our gratitude. Each of us carry a cross.
    "Lord look down on me and my infirmities and help me to bear them patiently". St Francis Assisi

  2. I think I "know" Jesus but if I don't trust Him and I don't pick up my cross, perhaps I don't know Him at all?