Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love Of Self

Does God love drunks?  Yes, but drunks don't love drunks.  Instead of admitting that I don't love myself, the drunk pulls everyone else into their mess.  "No one loves me."  "God hates me."  Everyone else gets the blame and isolation soon follows.  So, you may not be a drunk, but if you find yourself isolating in defense of a hostile and uncaring world, you might ask yourself, "Do I love me?"  What if you are not sure?  I would then try and be helpful to someone(s) who wants help, or who may themselves be practicing or feeling isolation issues.  Does anyone do snail mail anymore?


  1. snail mail. Thank God that my nieces, sisters and one friend who still believe in thank you notes or I would not get mail except from the pizza joints. Participating in new events lets me know how isolated I have become. Doing something for the fellow outside the church lets me know that sometimes people expect you to take care of them ????

  2. It is hard to snail mail a roving priest - one never quite knows where he's ministering or how to address the letter.

  3. Boulder is mail central for me. If I am away on some important work, or merely avoiding unpleasant weather, Boulder mail always get forwarded, or almost always.