Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Joan Rivers

Why did she make me laugh, or at least smile and be bemused?  "You talking to me, Joan?"  Yes, she was.  She helped me to laugh at myself without becoming guilty or ashamed at my antics to stay forever young, or seem "together," to hide my secrets.  I wish more clergy could help us to laugh at our humanness, rather than load us with feeling badly about ourselves.  Joan had a bit of the saint in her, in that she helped me to see my silliness.  When I try to ignore or avoid the inevitable aging process, it really is silliness.  St. Therese of Lisieux called it silliness when she referred to the faults and shortcomings of our delusional life.  It is a gift to speak the truth and help people to take it in with some laughter.  Joan did not laugh at me.  She laughed with me.  Hey, don't I make you laugh sometimes?  I could have a bit of the saint in me.  Could Maureen be wrong?  I won't burn!

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