Friday, September 12, 2014

Failure's Timetable

Someone came to me and said that they were now over 50 and their life had become a failure.  Why do we have a timetable for when life "becomes" a failure?  I asked the person if they thought their life was a failure at 15, or 30, or 40?  They said no.  They still had hope, plans, and some optimism.  All these things apparently had a shelf life of 50 years.  It is called expectations.  Some of us run out of expectations and replace it with failure.  However, God's hope, love, grace and patience with us has no shelf life.  God's plan for us, for who we can become does not end with our turning 50 or 60 or whatever.  I just met a follow who is 76.  He is full of compassion, kindness, good works and helpfulness.  He feels his life is full with the power of God at work in him.  He has been sober for 20 years, which means that he was a bit of a nasty drunk until he was 56.  Had he killed himself, the community would not have experienced all the good he has done.  So, even when you give up hope, God does not.  If you see your life as a failure, that is your opinion.  God has a second opinion.


  1. You have been coming up with some really good ones . I know God works through me but, sometimes I feel like I am just tethered to him or this planet.

    1. To quote that wise philosopher Yogi Berra , " It ain't over 'til it's over." If you are alive there is a reason and I am convinced it is because God has a plan for you and giving up is not part of it. Falling down is not failure so long as you keep getting up--or at least trying as hard as you can to do so.