Friday, August 3, 2018

Personal Salvation

Why do Christians make their religion one of personal salvation?  “Are you saved?”  “Do you believe?”  I thought that religion was supposed to be a program of action in the here and now.  We are not supposed to simply put up with this world, or be all about self on a daily basis, the success train of personal happiness.  It seems to me that religion is Love.  It is an action path, which is more than worship and following rules to get browny points for the afterlife.  What is “after” anyway?  Or “before” for that matter.  There is life, some of it as part of this earth in flesh and blood.  I have always been and will always be, but my earth time is to practice the program of love, self-less love. Love all the creation around me, not just people.  Love the earth.  I am part of it. This life is earthtime.  So if you are having one of those “I am not enough and no one will ever love me” days, recycle, pick op trash, call someone who has disappeared from life’s center stage. Will anyone say thank you? Me. Thank you.

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