Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sign Of The Cross

Catholics are taught early on to make the sign of the cross.  There are various ways of doing it, but the idea is that we want to have an attitude of “becoming less.”  Less of what?  Less of a person who wants to be “more” as in more power, control, security, center of attention, popular, beautiful, rich, things we don’t need, to name a few.  The wisdom saying, “Lose your life to find your life,” would begin to make sense here.  The whole ageing process, getting old, is one of “less.”  We are losing a lot as we age.  But maybe we become wisdom figures and get more comfortable with “being the real me.”  We prioritize better when we are not so much into “more.”  We take up less space so that others may have some more needed space.  We downsize when we are older.  For the younger person, they spend more time, money and energy on becoming “noticed,” or popular, with accessories.  Disappearing from being the center of attention is really the contemplative way.  I have found it so in the monastery. Have all my friends forgotten me?

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