Friday, January 23, 2015

A Bit Bonkers

I just completed two days in which I presided at 5 masses, in 4 churches, in 3 towns, in 2 languages.  It is the day after and I am still recovering.  This is one way to know my limits.  I can see the limits getting more limited, but only find it out by pushing the boundaries, or trying things out.  When I was just about ready to begin the 5th and final mass of the weekend, I was running on empty.  Then it occurred to me that for the people attending this mass, it is their only one for the weekend.  So I sucked it up, did not wine and was of service.  Joe Dimaggio, a great baseball player, did his best every day because he thought it might be the only time someone got to see him play, and they deserved nothing but his best.  Joe made the  Baseball Hall of Fame.  Is there one for priests?


  1. Do men in the positions of Vatican Power have actual jobs where they serve Mass and serve the people or is it a glorified retirement home except for the Pope ?

  2. they have jobs and say mass if ordained, I believe.