Friday, January 16, 2015

A Firecracker

Recently, I went back to a parish I preached at many years ago.  It is a neighboring parish next door to the parish where I often work now.  I saw many people who I used to know from the old days.  They told me how wonderful my preaching is.  I felt like "Dynamite!"  I am so gifted. Ego boosted.  Then I had a graced moment in my thinking.  These people think I am such a good preacher, but they never leave their parish to come and hear me preach a few miles away.  I am not so much dynamite as I am a firecracker, good for a pop once a year.  This is a graced insight because how can God use me if I am so self-important?  God is the focus in my work and not me.  I am of service to God and not my own ego.  So I am thankful to all those people who ignore my existence.  My ego says, "Take them off the prayer list."  "Quiet, ego."  


  1. Nobody goes into a profession or marriage or relationship, hoping to be average. We all want to add or be our "special."
    They are loyal to their church community. Oh, those egos. Why did God put them in our systems anyway. They cost a lot of money and act like oxicotten . Can't spell it.

  2. Love your sense of humor. Thanks for the chuckles in this post and I usually drive many miles to hear you when I can.