Monday, January 5, 2015


I think that God wanted to experience touch, so God became human.  God wanted to be in skin, to touch and be touched by God's creation.  I think this is why Jesus spent so long living in Nazareth rather than going out earlier to do all the things we read about in Gospels.  At home, Jesus could be touched by his parents and play with his relatives.  This tells me that Jesus had a good early start in the home.  His was not a dysfunctional family.  Lots of people do not like to be touched or touch others.  They have personal history that made them that way.  Babies touch everything.  I am a touch person.  I don't like to be grabbed or poked or pushed, but I like loving touch, gentle touch from someone who cares.  I miss my parents because I cannot touch them or be touched by them.  This is what we most often miss about loved ones who have died.  Sure, they may be with God, or in some good place, but they are not with me and this is what I miss.  Solitude is touch without skin.  It is where I feel the touch of God.  I need this touch everyday.  I guess I have had good God experiences too.

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  1. Touch is our biggest sense in terms of body real estate. It is interesting that when some thing get to our core, it "touches" our heart. Your writings touch me and my heart. Thank you.