Friday, January 30, 2015

Becoming Bread

In my church we believe in "Transubstantiation."  It means that the bread of the altar becomes the body and blood of Jesus.  I think that we miss something important here.  Louis Lallemant, S.J. a great influence of Francis I points out that Jesus becomes the bread, which is a whole different way of looking at what happens on the altar.  :Why," you ask?  There is not much challenge in your life if the bread becomes Jesus.  It is a theological principle.  But, if Jesus becomes the bread, then this great Creative Power of the universe, becomes something very simple and ordinary: bread.  The challenge to us is to do as the Power does, become ordinary and see in it the extraordinary, as says Buddha, Jesus and many others.  Become small.  Don't try and always be a big deal full of self-importance.  Let go of the pride that says you are better than the people you judge, and so on.  Since I am pretty much ignored, I am well on my way.


  1. I don't get it. You say that you turn your do not approach button on and wonder why people don't approach. As you transition, maybe you want to be more approachable ? Maybe you like Valentines ? I like knowing that Jesus becomes bread and knowing that all this crazy we go through is the challenge to find Christ.