Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Story Audience

I sometimes tell stories that I write for homilies at the children's mass.  Fiction and fairy tales are risky business from the pulpit when trying to reach out to children.  After the mass, as they all filed by to go back to school, the children said nothing one way of the other about the story I told them.  I had written it myself.  I had felt quite creative.  I thought it had a good message.  Maybe not.  Children are easily bored.  Could I be a boring priest?  The "R" word came into my mind.  Retire?  Well, maybe from preaching my stories to children.  God only knows.


  1. I am not a writer of stories for children, but I am a reader of stories. Many of the stories I read are very well regarded and known as favorites for kids. Unless the story has the children taking a roll (such as repeating a phrase or doing an action) I have never had them comment or critique the story.

    Kids just don't do that. They are very accepting. If you say to a kid, "maybe I should retire" they'll figure you know best. They don't rise to the bait and start clamoring for more stories. They just figure you're tired.

    Kids trust.

  2. Quit trying to justify retiring. Think about it in 10 years. You have a good life. God would say knock it off. He'll tell you when.

  3. Two great comments! I agree with you both. <3

  4. Taught school for umpteen years both elementary and secondary. Two comments:Most children don't have the vocabulary to comment without being asked and secondly they don't know it's an option. I have young family members ranging in age from 1st grade through college.They are much less inhibited in what they say when at home. Trust me, they love you and your stories.