Monday, January 26, 2015

Passing Time

I was watching our local college basketball team in a game last night and noticed that when they had the ball, they simply passed it around to one another, far away from the basket.  The object is to get the ball to the basket for a short shot or toss/shoot it to the basket from long range.  No one did much of anything but pass the ball around.  No one took charge.  It reminded me of times when I think that "someone should do something," but I fail to identify that someone as ME.  It is always someone else.  It is so much easier to pass the ball, or pass the time, or pass the responsibility, then it is to get involved and get something done.  "I am too weak, too old, too poor, too nobody or too busy to act," so I say.  Do you ever get too busy at not much?  I am guilty of this more than I care to admit.

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