Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just In Time

I was on the way to the office and one of the staff, pesky Michelle, said that First Confession children were gathered in church to learn about how to do this sacrament.  She invited me and said it would be good if a priest would be there, as in ME.  "I have office work," was my tepid reply.  She smiled and walked away, probably taking me off her prayer list.  So I went and did my "office work." Finally, I left the office, with the thought of priestless children in church.  I decided to stop in and see if they were all gone.  They were all still there, these tiny little souls, with their two catechists from school.
"They don't need me, " I thought.  Michelle was there.  "They need you, Father," she said.  I need pest control for this caring Michelle!  So I went up and greeted the children.  They had a ton of questions for Father.  All in all, it was a graced time and I was useful.  I was of service for an agenda not of my own choosing.  This is often the most rewarding service.  I guess that Michelle is a source of grace and not so pesky.  Or maybe sometimes grace appears disguised as a bother.  Anyway, a few less days in purgatory for me, I hope.

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