Saturday, March 24, 2018

Apple Skin

A lot of people like to peel away the skin of the apple to get to the juicy fruit and good taste.  But you may be shortchanging yourself if you do away with the skin.  The apple is a metaphor for the spiritual life.  When we are deep into the spiritual connective way with all around us, and not into our own personal pity pot, we are living "on the edge."  The spiritual life is that thin edge that we often ignore to get to something else.  We can wake up in the morning all connected with the world around us, but then quickly go into planning, worrying, criticizing, complaining and so on about our life or people, places and things connected to our life.  We wake up connected but then disconnect.  We wake up on the edge, but ignore it.  We have to get things done or undone, like we have to eat the apple beneath the skin.  This is why I like to pray when I first wake up.  I want to stay with the edge of spiritual connection that is non-judgmental, non-controlling and non-complaining.  I find that I may still whine later, but for a shorter period and for less time and energy.  I bought some apples today to put one by my bedside so that when I wake in the morning I might take the advice of this blog.  

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