Monday, March 12, 2018

John Wesley

John Wesley, the fellow who is credited with founding what became called, "Methodism" felt that the essence of Christianity is love.  I tend to agree.  But so many people who profess to be Christian focus on knowledge and dogma as the essence.  Do you have the correct creed?  Do you belong to the correct denomination or church group?  Wesley believed that piety had to go along with morality and morality was "love."  You lived out a moral life by loving.  All of us will die not having read a lot of good books, and without the knowledge of many truths.  That is OK.  But to die without love?  What would all our knowledge do for us if we die without love?  I need to make sure that I balance my reeding with my loving!


  1. ...The "two great commandments"...

  2. The Methodists in my Town make me curious. They are always giving imho, imx.
    But what I know of Wesley seems too dogmatic. I have been searching. I believe in love, too, Terry, and I read.