Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Call

Become who you are meant to be, or find your true vocation.  It may be a second calling, or a change in lifestyle and work.  How will you know you have made the right change?  You will live a more intense and beautiful life.  You will discover a more authentic happiness.  You may not have as much money or things or comfort, but if chosen freely, you will find more fulfillment.  The ego driven life is too fear-based and lacks fulfillment.  There are many rich, famous, 'important" people, and they keep making changes in their life to find happiness, but it is not driven by becoming all they were made to be.  More money, a different partner, bigger house, car, office, but not more fulfillment.  I did some teaching this morning on prayer.  The morning was three hours long.  I made $75.  I am on the way to the poor house at this rate, but I happy with what I do.  Maybe teaching about prayer is not what I am supposed to do?  Can I blog from the poor house?  Not to

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