Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Today is a good Friday for a lot of people because they are getting a holiday for a long weekend, but back on the first Good Friday, it was not so good for Jesus, as he was being crucified, a really miserable, torturous way to die.  So, for believers, I ask, what do you feel today about Jesus as relates to that first Good Friday?  Gratitude? He died for all people, so we believe.  Or shame and guilt that you have not been a better person?  Or nothing?  Feeling nothing for a believer is sad.  I've known that feeling, especially when preoccupied with a nice long weekend.  Even non-believers have a better response than that.  When they think of someone, such as Jesus, who would suffer so much for others and then forgive those who are indifferent or hate him, they are pretty impressed even though they don't think Jesus is God.  Some think him kind of heroic even if it seems like folly to suffer for others who are indifferent.  What impresses many people is that Jesus died without any grudges or resentments.  He died believing that he had accomplished all he was born to do.  He sacrificed for others, and died selflessly.  In a word, he did for others what they could not do for themselves.  So when you think Jesus a bit of a nut case, ask yourself if you have grudges and resentments you will take to your grave?
Have you accomplished everything you thought you were called to do? For whom do you sacrifice?  Who do you forgive even though they are indifferent to you?  I think maybe it was a pretty Good Friday for Jesus.  I hope to die half as free as he did.  Enjoy your holiday.

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