Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I read a study that said of the people under age 30, 23% met the criteria for alcoholism.  Wow.  But at the same time studies seem to point to people on Facebook always painting  picture of themselves as happy, doing well, being successful.  Maybe the 23% don't use Facebook?  Who reads on Facebook someone saying that they are depressed, stressed, drinking too much and having suicidal thoughts?  They would get no "like" hits on that one.  But they might get some needed help, or connect with other people who are feeling the same way, but are afraid to look like failures among all the "happy" facebook friends.  I suspect that this blog won't get many "like" hits, nor be sent around to others to share a feel good story.  But the truth is, many more young people are miserable, and maybe older people, than they let on in their Facebook postings.  My blogs about me, on the other hand, show I am often in a bit of a mess.  No wonder those don't get many hits!


  1. My mantra: I am not ok, you are not ok, but that is ok. J.Martin

  2. Fr Terry - your musings help many of us see and accept the fact that we are all flawed hunans, and that it is OK, if we simply carry on, and carry our crosses as best we can...

  3. Fr. Terry, what I love about your writings is your openness and honesty. So many lonely, sad and depressed are connection starved and feeling ailienated. Maybe being honest and open in listening to others is key.