Tuesday, March 20, 2018

People Are Work

Someone said that they would be a lot better persons, more patient, loving and accepting, if people would just leave them alone, or go away.  Being a hermit might seem to be attractive in such a case.  You think you would be better if a hermit, or left alone or if people would just go away?  With whom then would you be patient? Or loving? Or accepting?  Patience is practiced with people who try our patience.  So really, it is in temptation and testing, that we get to practice virtues.  Other people are important to us because they will reveal to us who we really are.  We can live in the delusion that we are kind and loving, as long as no one messes with our world.  But when people are well, people, wit hall their shortcomings and bad habits, then we are tested.  The we find out just how loving and patient we are.  The mirror to ourselves is the community with another or others.  Did you marry or are in relationship with an "impossible" person?  Oh dear.  Someone might need to change.  The "impossible" people in my life never seemed to change.  But where I did change, it was always for the better.  I used to have a whole bunch of insane friends.  I became sane, and they all seemed to drop out around me.  Did I become boring?

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