Friday, March 2, 2018


When the pilgrims' ship, the Mayflower, reached land, they docked off shore.. It was a Saturday.  A few guys went on shore to look around and collect some wood.  The next day was Sunday.  No one went on shore.  Then on Monday, women went ashore to do laundry.  That is why Monday is called, "wash day."  The pilgrims were a religious group who took seriously the Sabbath as a day of rest in honor of God.  Well, I am a Christian believer.  When do I do my laundry?  Sunday.  It is convenient for my schedule.  I never have church work on Sunday afternoon.  But this is Lent.  What am I doing or not doing for these six weeks to remind me that I am somewhat self-willed and wanting things to go my way?  Why not give up doing my laundry on Sunday for these six Sundays?  Hmmm.  I prefer something more general, that is not so easily measured, like being kind to the poor, or something that does not interfere with my plans or routines, such as giving up Brussel Sprouts.  We will see about the laundry.  It is tough to toughen up.  

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