Sunday, March 18, 2018

Home. No Phone

Someone said, and I tend to agree, "Being home is being no place else."  Say what?  Turn off your phone if you want to feel really "at home."  With the cell phone, you are always somewhere else in thinking, imagining, wishing, on the Internet.  Electronically, we are always somewhere else when we are on the cell phone checking something, texting someone, emailing, and so on.  To be where I am, I need to turn off my phone.  Certainly, when I want to be at home within myself, to be just with me, I need to make sure that I am not hearing bings, buzzes, rings, that call me to the needs, wants, or agenda of that world outside myself, the world that is not home.  If you are always an attachment to the wants and needs of your family, as much as you may love, them, when are you ever at home with just you?  Excuse me, I have an important email.  Just kidding.

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