Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adam's Rib

The Genesis idea in the bible is that a woman comes from the man's rib.  A rib is strong. It protects the heart.  It is near to the heart.  The rib protects other vital organs.  The rib does not work alone.  There are other ribs.  Ribs work together.  Strong. Protects.  Heart.  Communal.  Relational.  Hmm.  I am getting an insite here.  Help me ladies!  Without ribs, man is in a whole lot of trouble!


  1. I could never understand the male prejudice against women. Without women there would be no more men. God created us all. Our strengths balance each other. But even in my church, women are looked at as second class citizens especially if we have a valid thought. The male hierarchy needs to be able to rule over someone. It is very difficult to be a thinking intelligent woman in the church today.

  2. Read the good, "From the Pews In the Back" to see how women manage to stay in the church who are intelligent and educated.