Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Tone

I once asked a priest about some issue.  He said, "This is the rule.  Keep the rule."  "What if I cannot always do that rule?"  I asked.  "You burn," he answered.  Some time later, I met another priest and asked him about the same issue.  "This is the rule.  Do the best you can." It was at the same rule.  "Say what?"  I asked.  "What if I cannot live up to the rule, do I burn."  "No," he said.  "Jesus loves you if you just do the best you can.  He came for the imperfect."  I liked that.  I am the imperfect.  That is, I am human.  Same rule but two different attitudes.  It is called, "The Tone."  Jesus did not come to change rules.  He changed the tone.  I don't mind being judged by a God of Love.  Unless Maureen gets God's ear.  Of course she would have to be in heaven.  Then she is supposed to be loving, right?  One can only hope.

1 comment:

  1. You did it this time, you made me laugh out loud.
    I'd never thought about Jesus changing the tone. I like the concept and will look forward to thinking about it for a while.