Monday, October 20, 2014

Day At A Time

Running is a great metaphor for the developing a spiritual life.  Both take time, effort an discipline.  When I first start running, say after an injury or a bout of laziness and sloth, my body rebels if I try to do too much.  It may rebel a little even if I do a little.  I must do something the next day in the physical fitness area, e.g. stretching, walking, active stuff.  Day by day, the running gets easier and I can do more with seemingly less effort.  I find solitary prayer to be the same way.  After a period of ignoring my interior life, frustrated at  my flabby soul, I decide to do some practice.  I decide to do it for today.  Just do today.  It is difficult at first.  Focus might be lacking.  The mind is amiss.  Thoughts rule.  It is a start.  Then I ask myself when I will do this tomorrow?  I plan a time and place.  Day by day, this solitary prayer becomes a bit easier.  It can become a habit, with discipline, commitment and effort.  Spiritual and physical exercise on a daily basis usually means that something else will be dropped.  A day is just so long and no longer.  I have found that desperation is a good starter.

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