Sunday, October 26, 2014


I let my hair grow because I am tired of being cold in unheated rooms/monastery/office/church.  Someone said that now I look like Pierce Brosnan.  Lots of people have seen me with my longer hair, but this one person, an oasis of kindness gave me a compliment.  I think that the actor is handsome, so if I look like him then maybe I am handsome too?  I get compliments about preaching, being funny, nice and sometimes insightful in teaching.  But nothing beats handsome.  OK.  I am vain, or delusional.  But if I like such a compliment, maybe I can make someone else's day who I feel is quite lovely, handsome, beautiful but never say anything of the sort.  If there is something attractive about a person, tell them.  I am tired of being a good, but ugly preacher!  Bring on the handsome.


  1. Well, since you opened the door for comments...

    The longer hair is a nice change. Pierce Brosnan has got nothing on you!

    I almost asked you recently if your beard might make a comeback but I chickened out. They say beards are warm in the winter, and yours was a good look for you.

    Yes, of course, you are insightful, wise and very talented in translating the teachings of the mystics to lay-language. I leave your seminars feeling like I can actually DO something with the material I have learned. But one can be wise *and* handsome, and you are both!

    Go out and let the wind blow through your hair! Oh, wait... you're in San Francisco. "Let your freak flag fly!"

  2. As long as that spark lives in your eyes, you'll be handsome. Pierce Brosnan should be so lucky to catch the eyes of the ladies like you do. Those priestly robes insulate you from the overt attentions of the ladies, young and old. Good thing you have a monastery to hide out in!