Monday, October 27, 2014


Some Catholics are upset with the recent working document out of the bishops' synod on Family issues.  I suspect that some of this confusion comes from always being given simple answers based upon Western European culture.  But now the bishops are listening to one another and this includes bishops from so called Third World countries that have very different ways of doing things.  In the USA parents tell their children not to live together before they get married and to get an approved church wedding.  Now they hear that is not how it works in other parts of the world.  Simple answers don't work in a universal church.  In some other cultures people might be in a union that is not blessed by a church or any other legal group for cultural, economic or social reasons, none of which have to do with our idea of "immoral living together."  "What am I going to tell my child!" laments a western parent.  Well, tell them to study culture, history, sociology, outside of their own narrow world.  None of this takes place in the so called STEM school system that is all about getting a job someday, which is not a bad goal, or a bad education.  It simply is no longer enough if you want to function in the Global Catholic church.


  1. To me the difference between living together and marriage is planning. You do not plan 10,20 year events if you are day to day -ing it. You can always opt out. Marriage is telling the world that you found the one and you will work to keep it. I know this is BS for many .

  2. Here's some handsome.